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NHCVA reaches more than 850,000 health and allied professionals among its 30 member organizations and professional disciplines it represents.

Member Organizations

Academy on Violence and Abuse | AVA

Representative: Marie Christensen, MD |

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry | AACAP

Representative: Beverly Bryant, MD |

American Academy of Family Physicians | AAFP

Representative: F. David Schneider, MD, MSPH |

Staff: Bellinda Schoof  |

American Academy of Nursing | ANA

Representative: Jacquelyn Campbell, PhD, RN, FAAN

American Academy of Pediatrics | AAP

Representative: Tammy Hurley |

American College of Physicians | ACP

Representative: Arlene D. Bradley, MD, FACP

Staff: Jack Ginsburg |

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists | ACOG

Representatives: Tonya McFadden, MS, MSA |

Diana Cheng, MD |

Staff: Tatiana Calderon |

American Geriatrics Society | AGS

Representative: Xinqi Dong, MD |

Staff: Anna Mikhailovich |

American Medical Association | AMA

American Medical Association Alliance | AMAA

American Medical Student Association | AMSA

American Medical Women’s Association – Physicians Against the Trafficking of Humans (PATH) | AMWA |

Representatives: Kimberley Templeton, MD, FAOA, FAMWA |

Suzanne Harrison, MD, FAAFP, FAMWA

American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children | APSAC

Representative: David Corwin, MD |

American Psychiatric Association | APA

American Psychological Association | APA

Representative: Julia M. da Silva |

Family Violence Prevention Caucus of the American Public Health Association | FVPCAPHA

Representative: Susan McCormick Hadley, PhD, MPH |

Futures Without Violence | FWV

Representative: Lisa James, MA

Staff: Graciela Olguin |

Gay and Lesbian Medical Association | GLMA

Representative: Paula Amato, MD |

International Association of Forensic Nurses | IAFN

Representative: Tammy Scarlett, MPH, BSN, RN, SANE-A, SANE-P |

Massachusetts Medical Society | MMS 

Representative: Elaine Alpert, MD |

Medical Society of the District of Columbia | MSDC

Representative: Cara Krulewitch, CNM, PhD |

Staff: Kim Bullock

Pia Duryea

National Association of Social Workers| NASW

Representatives: Rita Webb |

Staff: Allison Kristman-Valente |

National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma & Mental Health | NCDVTMH

Representatives: Carole Warshaw, MD

National Child Traumatic Stress Network | NCTSN

Nursing Network on Violence Against Women, International | NNVAWI

Representative: Camille Burnett |

Staff: Janette Taylor |

Partners HealthCare | PHC

Representative: Annie Lewis-O’Connor, PhD, MPH, NP |

Ray E. Helfer Society

Federal Liaisons

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Representative: Elizabeth Belser-Vega |

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Center for Violence and Injury Prevention

Materials and activities of member organizations of NHCVA are presented on this site. Organizations associated with NHCVA are not responsible for the availability or content of organization sites, nor are the services or information described or offered on the NHCVA site endorsed, warranted, or guaranteed by these organizations. The views and information provided on the NHCVA site and member organization sites do not necessarily represent the official views of the member organizations.