Congressional briefings on the impact of violence and abuse and health:
Member organizations of NHCVA co-sponsor congressional briefings on the impact of violence and abuse on health, informing legislative activity such as the Violence against Women Act. NHCVA will convene at least one new briefing every year.

  • The 2019 briefing, “Saving Lives: Addressing the Intersections between Opioid Use, Suicide, Trauma & Abuse” discussed how health care systems and trauma-informed care efforts are currently helping victims and how these changes can reduce future health costs.

Educational webinars and monthly phone meetings:

  • Educational webinars provide an opportunity to learn about and discuss key policy and systems issues in depth.
  • Bimonthly conference calls enable participating organizations to be briefed on and share critical policy updates and strategies related to the health aspects of violence and abuse.

Legislation, research and policy analysis related to violence and abuse:

  • Summaries and analyses of relevant policies will be compiled and shared with member organizations.  White papers on key issues i.e., the impact of health reform on those affected by violence, will be developed.

Education and policy reform-focused assistance for member organizations

  • Tools to promote improved professional responses to violence and abuse will be provided to member organizations through model resolutions, talking points, etc.