Professional Societies’ Statement of Concern and Offer to Help Inform Protection and Care of Immigrant Children in Federal Custody

Developed by the APSAC Task Force on Immigrant Children in Federal Custody

The following professional societies, organizations and individuals are deeply concerned by the reports of child abuse and neglect affecting immigrant children and youth in the custody of U.S. authorities and contractors. Thus, we urge the U.S. Congress and other national leaders to develop legislation that is research-informed, evidence-based, and that follows existing best practices standards for children and youth on matters including medical and mental health care, circumstances and length of detention, hygiene, nutrition, exercise, and sleeping accommodations, family and social supports, family separation, group care, religious integrity, privacy, legal representation, and advocacy. We stand ready and willing to help national leaders develop such legislation by providing our expertise and knowledge to support this effort on a bipartisan basis.

Download the Statement of Concern.

List of organizations who have confirmed their agreement to endorse the NHCVA-APSAC paragraph:

  • Academy on Violence and Abuse*
  • American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry*
  • American Medical Women’s Association*
  • American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children*
  • American Psychological Association*
  • Children’s Advocacy Institute USD School of Law
  • First Focus on Children
  • International Association of Forensic Nurses*
  • National Alliance of Children’s Trust and Prevention Funds
  • National Association of Social Workers*
  • National Child Abuse Coalition
  • Prevent Child Abuse America
  • Ray Helfer Society*
  • Willamette University Child & Family Advocacy Clinic

Organizations who have been contacted and who have issued their own letters or statements:

  • American Medical Association*
  • American Psychiatric Association*

*Members of NHCVA

And other Professional Societies’ Statements since summer, 2018.

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